The Magic Palette, a child centered daycare environment

located in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood.

  “Before starting preschool at Magic Palette,

  my three-year-old son was home with me

  full time.Magic Palette has been a wonderful  

  transition for him from home to a school 

  setting. This preschool offers a wonderful, 

  nurturing environment for him; he gets

  individual attention and the opportunity to

  socialize with his peers. I'm always impressed

  with the creative projects that they do in

  preschool, and he learns both through some

  structured activities and through free play

  with his school friends.  He looks forward

  to going to school, and I feel very

  comfortable with Jan and her approach

  to teaching and interacting with children.”  

                                                    ––Caroline F.

  “I have my 3 year old son

  and 2 year old daughter

  at the Magic Palette and

  I  couldn’t be happier.  

  It’s a great balance

  of a preschool in a home

  environment. Jan Holliday

  provides a place where

  my kids are thriving. 

  She gives them a great 

  mix of play, learning

  activities, art, stories,

  etc. Best of all…she pours

  love into them and it

  shows.They love her and

  they are happy to go to

  preschool. ––Ken J.


   “Magic Palette provides a stimulating and educational

   environment for toddlers.  Jan is able to treat each child

   as the delightful individual they are and combine healthy

   learning with a deep love and joy for children.”

                                                                ––Christine H.